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Reading for Weeks 1 - 3 (2006)

A scan of the sections of the main reference (Zeki, 1993) around the extracts given on the previous page, and a selection of two or three of the papers listed here or discovered in relevant journals would be basic recommended reading for these three weeks.

NB Although the whole book by Zeki is now difficult to obtain, , you could read the extracts from Zeki (1993) which were included in the week 1 handout and two review articles about achromotopsia and akinotopsia by Zeki should be available online.

It should also be possible to access the short review by Büchel (1998) on re-organization of cortical function in early blind subjects online from Birkbeck locations with Adobe acrobat -- see note on this software) plus Büchel et al (1998: link as above) or Sadato et al (1998 link as above) for more detail on the brain-mapping studies of visual cortex function in during Braille reading.

The paper by Ramachandran and Hirstein (1998) provides a lengthy and exhaustive review of phantom limb phenomena and their relalation to plasticticy (external link1 to this paper in Brain | external link 2 - these are alternative locations of the same thing.)

The week 3 handout included the main points from the Ramachandran and Hirstein review. (A  pdf   version of the week 3 handout is available, or you could look at the html pages given in the week 3 side index for phantom limbs).  

Abstracts of 9 individual papers were included in pp. 21-23 of the main handout for more recent reference and a summary sheet covering plasticity and blindness is available.

[see the table of journal availability online outside Birkbeck: ask staff in the library if you have difficulties with online access but remember to log on first for access outside the College.]

Some wide ranging review articles are listed in the readings section of the Oct 3 handout and are given again below.


                    Main Reference

Zeki, S.M. (1993) A Vision of the Brain. Cambridge: Blackwell Scientific. (Birkbeck at HGG [Zek], Short Loan; Bloomsbury/UCL at G 27, Psychology: Senate House at 67 ICL/Zek: Some extracts from this were included in the week 1 handout.


Other wide-ranging references

Albright, T. D., Kandel, E. R., & Posner, M. I. (2000). Cognitive neuroscience. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 10(5), 612-624.

Cowey, A. The Ferrier Lecture 2004 – What can transcranial magnetic stimulation tell us about how the brain works? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 360(1458), 1185-1205.

Posner, MI, Raichle, ME (1995) Precis of images of mind. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol.18, No.2, Pp.327- 339. (Also a more general reference)

Ramachandran, VS and Hirstein, W (1998) The perception of phantom limbs. The D.O. Hebb lecture. Brain, 121, no 9., pp. 1603- 1630. (external link1 to this paper in Brain | external link 2 - these are alternative locations of the same thing. Ramachandran also gave the BBC's Reith Lectures early in 2003.)

Zeki, S.M, (1992) The visual image in mind and brain. Scientific American, 267, 68-76. (Special Issue on "Mind and Brain", September, 1992)

Tangenrially Related Books

Damasio, H. (1995) Human Brain Anatomy in Computerized Images. Oxford University Press. (611.810222 DAM in stacks 1 week Loan at Birkbeck: source of overheads of individual variations in human brain anatomy.)

Elman, JL, Bates, EA, Johnson, MH, Karmiloff-Smith A, Parisi, D. & Plunkett K. (1996) Rethinking Innateness: A connectionism perspective on development. London: MIT Press. (Chapter 5, "Brain Development" especially pages 249-250: 155.7 ELM in Bk Libary).

Fodor, J.A. (1983) The Modularity of Mind. MIT Press: London.

Frisby, J.P. (1979) Seeing. Oxford University Press.

Popper, K.R. & Eccles, J.L. (1977) The Self and Its Brain. London:Springer International. pp 227-282 for basic anatomy.

Gazzaniga, M.S., Ivry R.B., & Mangun, G.R. (2002) Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind (2nd edition). New York: Norton. pp 160-165, cortical visual areas; pp 171-180, visual deficits; pp. 647-652 "Plasticity in the normal adult brain". 2 copies at 153 GAZ in the short-loan collection (1 week loan).

last revised, 12-10-2006

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