Bartels, A., & Zeki, S. (2004). The chronoarchitecture of the human brain - natural viewing conditions reveal a time-based anatomy of the brain. Neuroimage, 22(1), 419-433. [abstract]

(ATCs)= activity time course | IC= independent component | ICA = Independent component analysis

Fig. 3. Ten chronoarchitectonically identified areas (each in a different IC) of a single subject who freely viewed the movie Tomorrow Never Dies. Each region was identified by ICA in a separate IC, which was then color-coded, intensity-thresholded (>30% positive activation) and superimposed onto the subjects' brain. Each area (IC) had an area-specific ATC that correlated significantly and exclusively with anatomically corresponding areas (ICs) in the other eight subjects (see following figures). ACS = ventral lip of the anterior calcarine sulcus, Aud = auditory cortex (BA41 and 42), Lol = lateral part of the lateral occipital complex (LOC), Lop = posterior part of LOC, pc + RS = network containing precuneus (BA7) and retrosplenium (BA23 or 30), Wern = Wernicke's area (BA22).