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Types of Irregular English Verbs [p. 247 pf PDP2 – Rumelhart and McClelland, 1986]
1. No change:beat, cut, hit
2. d to t: send/sent build/built
3. Internal vowel change + d/t: feel/felt say/said
4. Internal vowel change & delete consonant + d/t: bring/brought, catch/caught
5. Internal Vowel Change change if d/t end:bite/bit find/found ride/rode
6a. Internal Vowel Change i to a: sing/sang drink/drank
6b. Internal Vowel Change i or a to u: sting/stung hang/hung
7. Other Internal Vowel Change: break/broke, give/gave
8. Others with dipthong end: blow/blew fly/flew.

Types of Regular English Verbs
1. end in a dental and add /d/start/started
2. other end and add /t/look/looked ('t')
3. other end and add /d/move moved