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gif Notes, Week 11

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gif Main Sources

gif 3 positions on chimpanzee cognition

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gif Conc- lusion

gif Types of disagreement with interest in primate cognition

gif Heyes'
(1998) critical review of primate cognition

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gif lecturer's comments on Heyes (1998)

gif 2000 Tomasello

gif 1998 Tomasello

gif Boyen and Himes 1999

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Boysen ann rev

gif Abstraction, Spatial knowldedge & Piagetian tests
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gif Physical and relational matching

gif Infant gorillas #1 (Redshaw, 1978)

gif Call 2001b abs

gif Call 2001b notes

gif Shumaker abst

gif Beran 05 notes

gif Abstract of Brannon and Terrace

gif gif
'count like a monkey'

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Brannon & Terrace, 1998


‘Theory of Mind’

1. Pers- pective taking etc

gif Tomasello 98 abstract

gif Tomasello 2000, some notes

2000 html

gif Tomasello et al 2003 abstract

2003 html

Povinelli & Preuss (1995)

gif Helping abstract

videos re the helping paper

videos at author's web page

gif co-op abstract

gif co-op apparatus

gif trapdoor

videos re the co-operation paper

gif chimp co-op data

gif chimp & infant co-op data

gif recruit abstract

gif recruit diagram

gif recruit photo

gif conceal abstract

gif hiding abstract


2. Self- Recog- nition

gif video of own hand

gif abstract of this paper

gifhand video data

gif Povinelli et al 1997 abstract

1997 paper

gif examples of chimps with mirrors

gif tongue photo

gif Povinelli et al 1993 abstract

gif Reiss & Marino abstract (dolphins)

Reiss & Marino, 2001

videos of the dolphins

gif elephants (89) abstract

gifelephants (06) abstract

videos for elephants

gif parrots abstract


3. Imitation

gif Handout

gif p 17 notes

gif Vicky grin

gif orang-fire

gif Whiten 98 abst

gif 98 jpg

gif whiten 98 data

gif Custance abstact

gif capuchin drawing

gif capuchin data

4. Learned tool use

gif 1997 tool use paper

gif Whiten Cultures

gif Boesch culture

gif orangutan cultures

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