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Jensvold, M. L. A., & Gardner, R. A. (2000). Interactive use of sign language by cross-fostered chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Journal of Comparative Psychology, 114(4), 335-346.

Transcriptions of signs

An ‘X’ following a gloss (e.g. GIMMEX) indicates immediate repetition of the sign.
A question mark (?) following a sign indicates a questioning inflection.
A slash (/) following a sign indicates judgment of an utterance boundary according to rules used in the Gardners’ laboratory (page 336)

The time values in the lefthand column indicate hours:minutes:seconds from the beginning of the videotape that was being transcribed.

Washoe and Dar are the names of two of the 4 chimpanzees studied.

Example 1 in lecture

Trial #3 (page 337)

    1:04:35 Washoe: ME GIMMEX/
    1:04:40 Probe 1: questioning expression
    1:04:41 Washoe: GIMME/
    1:04:49 Probe 2 WHAT?/
    1:04:51 Washoe: MEX GIMMEX/
    1:04:54 Probe 3 NOT UNDERSTAND?/
    1:04:56 Washoe: FOOD GIMME/

Example 2 in lecture

Trial #2 (Page 337

    0:07:47 Dar: GUMX GOODX GUMX THERE/
    0:07:51 Probe 1 WHO WANT GUM?/
    0:07:52 Dar: DARX HEIDI DAR: THERE/
    0:07:56 Probe 2 WHERE GUM?/
    0:07:56 Dar: DARX GUM/
    0:07:59 Probe 3 WHERE GUM?/
    0:08:00 Dar: DARX THERE/


Example 3 in lecture

Trial #5 (page 338)

    0:08:46 Washoe: FRUIT GIMMEX/
    0:08:49 Probe 1: WHO FUNNY?/
    0:08:51 Washoe: ROGER/
    0:08:54 Probe 2 WHERE CAT?/
    0:08:56 Washoe: ROGER GIMMEX/
    0:09:03 Probe 3 WHERE CAT?/
    0:09:05 Washoe: GIMMEX/


Lecturer’s comments

Although these exchanges are interpreted as “conversations” they could alternatively be interpreted as repeated goal oriented conditioned responses reinforced by tangible outcomes.