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gif Cog Sci 2000

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gif Pearce p9 brain size data re plotted

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gif Ponting microcephaly

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gif Hockett (1960)

gif Hauser et al. 02 on language evolution

gif Pinker and Jakendoff 05 on language evolution

gif Elman 05 diagram on language evolution

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gif Table of attempts at ‘Language’ training

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gif Index for "NIM"

gif tokens used by Premack's Sarah (in “NIm”)

gif Notes on Premack's work

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gif apple features

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gif lock or can

gif Notes from Greenfield and Savage- Rumbaugh (1990)

gif Notes from Greenfield and Savage- Rumbaugh (1993)

Washoe 2000

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Bodamer 2002

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gif Rivas 05 conclusion

gif Abstract of article on dog ‘fast-mapping’ words

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