Babb, S. J., & Crystal, J. D. (2006). Episodic-like memory in the rat. Current Biology, 16(13), 1317-1321.


(A) Grape (G), raspberry (R), or chow (C) flavored pellets were available at four randomly selected (each day)arms in the study phase; access to the other four arms was prevented by closed guillotine doors.

(B) After a short retention interval (1hr), chow-flavored pellets at previously inaccessible locations were the only pellets available.

(C) After a long retention interval (6hr), in addition to the chow-flavored pellets at previously inaccessible locations, grape and raspberry replenished at locations that correspond to the distinctive flavors in the study phase. Note: Locations without food are depicted by the absence of G, R, and C.

All food types used in the experiment were placed beside the filled pellet dispensers (i.e., food odors were constant throughout all parts of the experiment).