gif Aims & Objectives

gif Notes

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taxon- omy in Squire and Zola

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Squire and Zola paper

gif local redrawn figure

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gif a human amnesic example

gif Essay

gif Main Sources

gif Conclusions

gif Morris quote

gif Kandel Nobel

Radial maze

gif diagram

gif text in notes

gif Olton &

gif Babb & Crystal

gif Babb mazes

gif Babb data

gif Menzel

Delayed matching to sample

gif Proc- edures

gif diagram

gif Delayed matching to sample data (pigeons)

gif Delayed matching to sample (Monkeys)

gif Serial
position curve in monkeys and humans

gif Serial position curve in monkeys and pigeons

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Hampton paper on monkeys

gif Hampton 06

gif movies abstract

gif brief notes on the chimps - movies


gif Food storing

gif squirrels

gif photo of ground sq

gif 13-line (Devenport)

gif Wauters

gif Memory for hidden seeds

gif extra notes

gif Clark's Nutcracker

gif in handout

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Griffiths, Clayton & Dickinson, 1999 if at bbk etc

gif peanuts vs worms

gif abs cache when

gif pic of scrub jay

Anatomy i.e. the hippocampus

gif notes

gif www. water maze

gif human cut away

gif human -side

gif rat version

gif with cells

gif size of hippocampus

gif Louie & Wilson

gif dreaming rat

gif news article

gif Foster & Wilson

gif Foster fig

gif Dragoi &

gif F and

gif Non-spatial

gif Flexible memory and the hippocampus

gif Fortin abs

gif Fortin

gif notes on 3 papers discussed in 2007 relating to the rat and human hippocampal function

gif London
Drivers -
gif human place cells in the hippocampus

gif Con- clusions

gif abstracts in handout

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