These links are very deep background (i.e. not directly relevant) for the lectures. There are also some external links to online versions of the papers given on the 'other references' list, but these are very much optional extras rather than recommended reading.

Several papers mentioned in the lectures are available online if at Birkbeck or using the VPN or if logged on to Birkbeck Library

For example the paper by Clark, Manns and Squire (2002) entitled "Classical conditioning, awareness, and brain systems"

There is a lengthy review article by Tulving in the Annual Review of Psychology (2002). There is no need to read it, but Tulving (2002) is a useful name and date reference for episodic memory.

An image from the paper by Hampton (2001) was used in the first lecture. The abstract is given here. | Full text version | Just the image

A figure and a photo from the review article by Griffiths et al. (1999) were used in the 2nd lecture. Full text of this.

Mcguire et al (2000) is the paper about the growth of the hippocampus in London taxi drivers

There is a diagram showing the rat and rhesus monkey hippocampus in Eichenbaum (2000).

Birkbeck cannot afford to subscribe to the electronic version of this journal, and therefore you will not be able to return to the whole article, but the illustrations may be available, including the illustration with graphs of typical performance for the Morris water maze and also the illustration of the social transmission of food preferences.

Here are a few photos of rats in the Morris water maze: diagram with text | photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3


ABC news article about Elizabeth Gould's research on growth of new neurons (neurogenesis) | Gould's home page at Princeton

Eric Kandel's Nobel prize 2000

There is also some additional material with a couple more external links, for the 3 additional papers on functions of the hippocampus which were mentioned in the second lecture.