Brewin (2006): Fig 1 A generic cognitive-behavioral model of emotional disorder.

Causal factors
1. Vunerability
Negative life experiences
(particularly if uncontrollable,
repeated etc.)

Formation of latent
representations in memory
(associations, episodic memories,
schematic knowledge) summarising
experiences with negative mood
2. Onset
Negative experiences
in later life

Experience of negative mood
Activation of inaccurate or inappropriately
generalised representations.
Experiencing of intrusive thoughts,
images, impulses etc.
3. Maintenance
Interactions (e.g., vicious circle)
between mood and processes such as
selective attention, selective memory,
selective interpretation, reasoning
bias, avoidance, safety behaviours,
thought suppression, metacognitive
beliefs, etc.

Persistence and exacerbation of negative
thoughts and behaviours