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gif Aims & Objectives

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gif Watson and Rayner (1920: Little Albert)

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Bulletin article

gif 1996 Nebraska Symposium

gif Main Sources

gif Freud

gif Freud in Mowrer (1939)

gif The two-process of avoidance

gif Overhead of the 2-process theory of avoidance

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gif Initial support for the 2-process theory (Miller, 1948)

gif Problems for the two-process theory

gif Kim

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gif Resistance to extinction in dogs

gif glass barrier

gif punish- ment

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gif lack of ordinary

gif Theory

gif Morris & Dolan

gif Learned helplessness in dogs

gif And lack of need for a warning signal in rats (Herrnstein, 1969)

gif Pinel & Treit


gif Notes on conditioned fear and human neurosis

gif Conditioned fear papers


gif Watson and Raynor

gif Wolpe

gif Freud

gif The '3-systems' model of human anxiety

gif Brewin 06 table

gif Brewin 06 xtracts

gif Mineka 06

gif against the conditioning theory 1977


gif Poulton and Menzies, 2002

gif Davey, 2002

gif An alternative cognitive theory (e.g. Clark, 1986) gif vs hypochondria

gif Traumatic experiences and phobias

gif Panic with no cognitions?

gif Fleet el al 98

gif Therapy as extinction

gif definition of PTSD

gif Brewin Dalgleish and Joseph

gif Brewin 2001

gif Details from Brewin (1989)

gif Brewin's conclusion, 1989

Brewin (1996) annual review of psychology

gif PET of phobics

gif unexpected panic

gif Essay

gif abstracts for some of the "further readings"

gif Notes on Ohman and Mineka 2001

gif abstract of Bouton et al., 2001

gif Notes on Bouton et al.

gif - criteria

gif - current theories

gif - sensitivity

gif - theories of conditioning

gif - evidence

gif - comments

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diathesis - definition of

gif Bouton et al on p. 3

gif Human fear conditioning _________

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