Instrumental Learning

gif Lecture 1 notes

gif Aims & Objectives

gif Main Sources

gif Lecture 1 essay

gif Box drawing from Thorndike

Classics Thorndike

gif data from Thorndike

gif 3 flow diagrams

gif Thorndike (1898)

gif Hull (1943)

gif Tolman (1932)

gif Tolman versus Thorndike

gif Tinkel- paugh 1928

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Classics Tolman 1948

gif Local pdf of Tolman(1948)

gif Brief extracts

gif the latent maze

gif route

gif Latent maze learning

gif "Insight" in maze learning

gif the radial maze

gif Color radial maze with rat

gif commerical radial

gif wang and spelke abstract

gif _______

gif reward re-evaluation

gif rats' expectancies of large rewards

gif Skinner box drawing

gif rat close up

gif Colwill and Rescorla

gif Rescorla (1991)

gif dogs abst

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gif ravens

gif Raby news

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gif Conclusion

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Classical and Instrumental Conditioning

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gif one or two processes?

gif Contrasts between

gif Shared features of

gif Definition of omission

gif Pigeon drawing

The B.F. Skinner Foundation

gif Skinner with rat

gif local box

gif with pigeon

gif Auto- shaping

gif top view from Lieberman (1993)

gif Skinner's Schedules

gif graphs of Schedules

gif Optimal foraging

gif feeding ducks (Harper, 1982)

gif detailed
text on this

gif The "Matching Law"

gif 1st Equation

gif 2nd Equation

gif textbook details

gif ________

gif Lecture 2 essay

gif Biology of Reward

gif Everitt 2001

gif Hyman

gif biology of reward links

McGill pleasure centers

McGill drugs and
pleasure centers

brain & choc- olate

brain & money

gif Lea & Webley

gif alcoholic subjects

gif Lecture 2 essay

gif Neuro separate

gif Dickinson 2000

gif wanting

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