=  "the scientific study of the function and evolution of animal behaviour patterns". The term is associated with the work of TINBERGEN & LORENZ. and the concepts of INNATE RELEASING MECHANISM (IRM) and FIXED ACTION PATTERN. These related to the immediate causation of behaviour. Hinde (1982) refers to 4 questions about behaviour: 

            1. Immediate causation 

            2. Development 

            3. Function 

            4. Evolution. 

All these questions could be asked in any biological approach to behaviour which emphasises its innate and unlearned determinants.   









=  a more recent term (cf Krebs and Davies, 1983, 1991) for work which particularly emphasises the ADAPTIVE FUNCTION of behaviour. As Hinde (1982) says, "the boundary between ethology and behavioural ecology is now impossible to define." 









=  a term coined by Wilson (1975). It can be seen as a sub-division of behavioural ecology: for present purposes it is another name for work which asks biological/evolutionary questions about social behaviour, and tends to emphasise unlearned causes of behaviour.