Robinson, G. E. (2004). Beyond nature and nurture. Science, 304(5669), 397-399.

When it comes to behavior, the nature- nurture controversy has not disappeared. The public is leery of attributing behavioral influence to DNA rather than to the environment and free will; worries abound over the ethical implications of biological determinism. Many social and behavioral scientists are skeptical as well, either because the concept of "DNA as destiny" does not jibe with their understanding of the dynamic nature of behavior or because they consider human behavior to be much more complex than that of animals studied from a genetic perspective. By contrast, biologists have long accepted that genes, the environment, and interactions between them affect behavioral variation…… Fortunately, we can now study genes in enough detail to move beyond the nature-nurture debate. It is now clear that DNA is both inherited and environmentally responsive. Behavior is orchestrated by an interplay between inherited and environmental influences acting on the same substrate, the genome (see the figure).