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Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer | Leda Cosmides & John Tooby Co-Directors
Center for Evolutionary Psychology | University of California, Santa Barbara

An evolutionary approach provides powerful lenses that correct for instinct blindness. It allows one to recognize what natural competences exist, it indicates that the mind is a heterogeneous collection of these competences....

Psychology is that branch of biology that studies

(1) brains,

(2) how brains process information, and

(3) how the brain's information-processing programs generate behavior.

Once one realizes that psychology is a branch of biology, inferential tools developed in biology -- its theories, principles, and observations -- can be used to understand psychology. Here are five basic principles -- all drawn from biology -- that Evolutionary Psychologists apply in their attempts to understand the design of the human mind. The Five Principles can be applied to any topic in psychology. They organize observations in a way that allows one to see connections between areas as seemingly diverse as vision, reasoning, and sexuality.