These links are very deep background (i.e. not directly relevant) for the lectures.

Smithsonian Museum on human evolution

A site called 'Becoming Human' with a 'Shockwave Flash' documentary about human origins (needs a fast broadband connection, no good with ordinary phone modem)

links for the human genome

'Lucy' at the Institute of Human Origins (Arizona State U.)

pbs on all human evolution

Plain text of Darwin's The Expression of the emotions ....... (1872)

"Living Links" at The Yerkes Primate Center at Emory, Atlanta

Links to cave paintings

Discovered in 1940 in the Dordogne, the Lascaux cave features one of the most prestigious collections of prehistoric art in Europe and is the best preserved. Its paintings date back 13,000 years, like those at the Altamira cave in north-west Spain, discovered in 1879.
French Cultural Ministry Lascaux site

The official site for La Grotte Chauvet, discovered by potholers in 1994, where the paintings have been dated as 31,000 yrs old

The Cosquer cave, near Marseille where the paintings are between 27,000 and 19,000 years old.