General Foundations: Evolution & Psychology
January 11, 2007

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4 page handout for these lectures | pdf file of 10 page handout

the .ppt file for both lectures (6.5MB) | pdf file of 26 slides in color | Nature/Nurture 2x2 table

Time lines for "hominid" species
Local copy of the review containing this these time lines
Homepage of this site.

Some other external links
(the Evolutionary Psychology Primer, San Diego) | 3 overheads based on this site | OH1 | OH2 | OH3 |

Lecturer's (v. old) overheads about the experiments of Cosmides (1989) oh1 | oh2 | oh3 |

Pinker's list of instincts (1994)
Brief quotes from Pinker (1998)

Brief quotes from Pinker (2002/3)  (Drawings and other material on stone tools)

Primitive Olduwan chopper | Intermediate stone cleaver | late stone age "microths" and projectile points (with permission)

more links for stone tools

External links on human evolution | links for the ‘language gene’

Reading: page references for relevant places in the Gleitman et al. (1999) text.

Brief quotes from Archer (2001)

Brief quotes from Segal (2001)

The Conclusion on the handout

The self-assessment quiz(marked online)

pdf file of the self- assessmentquiz