Quotes from Archer (2001) “Evolving theories of behaviour”

“… a single unifying starting point for understanding why we think and behave as we do today: natural selection has made us this way”. (p. 414)

“A ‘sweet tooth’ is adaptive when sugar is relatively rare, but not in present conditions when sweet foods are constantly available. The fight –and-flight response is adaptive for responding actively to predators, but not when trapped in a traffic jam.” p. 417.

“ relatives of newborns should comment disproportionately on the infant’s resemblance to the father rather than the mother” (p. 415)

“An example provided by Buss was that women have evolved preferences for men who are high in status” (p.415)

“we are walking archives of ancestral wisdom” (Cronin, 1991, p3)

“The past explains the present” (Tooby and Cosmides, 1990, p375)